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Solarium-400 is 400 meters below sea level, in the lowest place on earth. It is a leading region for the natural, effective treatment of skin diseases, joint diseases and psoriasis.
Conventional methods used in the treatment of skin disorders (hormonal creams, hospitalization, harsh medications, artificial UV radiation, and the like) are frequently accompanied by undesirable side-effects. Contrast that with the serenity, quiet and beauty of one of the most unique places on earth where the treatments combine exposure to the sun and bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea. These totally natural therapies produce no side-effects and offer excellent results based on proven medical research.

Located in a wonderful natural landscape at the edge of the Judean Desert, close to historic sites in Jewish history (the rivers of Ein Gedi where King David fled from Saul and Massada), the Dead Sea offers both physical and spiritual healing to those who come for a cure.

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What has made Solarium-400 such a successful health spa ?

The waters of the Dead Sea have a mineral concentration of 30%, compared with 3% in most other lakes and 20% in the great Salt Lake in Utah.
This high concentration of salts greatly enhances the therapeutic capabilities and results induced by these waters.

The concentration of magnesium, which is well known for its anti-allergenic effect on the skin and the respiratory system, is five times higher in the Dead Sea than in other seas.

The Dead Sea's concentration of bromine, renowned for its soothing effect on the nervous system, is 50% (!) higher than in the oceans.

The relatively low humidity in the Dead Sea region has a recuperative effect because it stimulates and reinforces the body's metabolic activity.

There are 330 days of sunshine in the Dead Sea region every year (and only 50 cm of rainfall). All year round, the sun's rays are strong enough to provide effective treatments for psoriasis. The low elevation of the light provides a protective atmospheric shield which causes the sun's ultraviolet rays to be filtered out (UVB). Since reddening of the skin is caused by short-wave rays, sunburn is a rare phenomenon in the Dead Sea region.

The barometric pressure measured in the Dead Sea region is the highest on earth - an aspect that brings relief to people suffering from heart disease and respiratory problems.

The release from stress has a psychological effect which contributes significantly to healing. Other important factors include spending time among others who seek improved health; the feeling of taking part in a shared experience; basking in the serenity and beauty of nature; and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of tourism and vacation.

Medical research interviews conducted with hundreds of psoriasis sufferers who have spent time at the Dead Sea's Solarium-400 prove that treatment in this region provides a longer, more balanced period of relief between attacks of the disease than conventional treatments - even without any preventive treatment between periods spent at the Dead Sea.



Solarium-400: at your service ... at your service ... at your service ...

in Ein Bokek at the Dead Sea has been operated since 1971 by the finest, most professional personnel. These people are specialists in the planning and operation of the site as well as guest service.

Solarium-400 was carefully planned to absorb the sun's rays so that they would be most effective in treating and curing diseases of the skin and joints. A fenced-in area is divided into two separate sunbathing areas to accommodate men and women separately.

Solarium-400 has sun lounges, and the guests who come for a cure can enjoy exposing their skin freely to the healing rays of the sun.
The separate sunbathing areas feature changing rooms, fans, comfortable sun lounges, cold water facilities, shaded areas including bathrooms and convenient access for the handicapped.

The central building at Solarium-400 was built as a sophisticated health facility built with guest comfort in mind. The building has professional clinics specializing in skin diseases, a first aid clinic, a cafeteria, a pub and shops.
The beach at the site is jointly shared by men and woman and supervised by trained lifeguards.
The beach provides full service for the comfort of its guests. There are cold water fountains, bathrooms, showers, loungers, tables, benches and beach umbrellas. And for the handicapped, there is special access to the sea as well as an apparatus that supports them while they are in the water.

The beach has basketball and volleyball facilities. Solarium guests are also welcome to enjoy the board games.

At Solarium-400, the staff encourages socializing: there are sports competitions, social activities and games. Solarium-400 has an entrance fee, which can be paid by each guest separately upon arrival or as part of the medical fee or package rate offered by the travel agent.
Travel agents now feature Solarium-400 as part of a package deal and offer entrance tickets to Solarium-400 at reduced rates.


Doctors recommend that those wishing to come for the cure plan at Solarium-400 should plan to stay for a period of at least three weeks, and preferably four.
The period which achieves the optimal results ranges from 21 to 28 days.
Studies show that the most effective treatment for psoriasis combines exposure to the sun and bathing in the waters of the Dead Sea (83.2% rate of success according to a study by the PASI). It is more effective than mere exposure to the sun in the Dead Sea region, which is the major therapeutic factor in bringing about an improvement in psoriasis (72.3%), and much more effective than treatment in the Dead Sea waters, which produces very limited improvement (28.4%).


Your Health is our Nature.
Looking forward to seeing you in the world of sunshine at Solarium-400
400 meters below sea level.


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