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Dead Sea Treatment for Acne, Psorasis, Cellulite and Blackheads

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All of our Dead sea Premier products are brand new and always fresh. We make a quality check (making sure the product is sealed and verifying long Expiry date) to each and every product that leaves our warehouse.
Products on sale are for a limited time so hurry up and take advantage of it.

Premier Ageless Future


Premier - Ageless Future:
Premier Ageless Future features a line of products that will bring you stunning results and reveal the your true beauty with a prolonged youthfulness. It carries a blend of Seamax complex which is a fusion of Dead Sea minerals and Myrtle. Myrtle is used since the ancient times and often called Angel water.

Premier Facial Cleanse
Premier - Facial Cleanse :
A cleansing series that consists of the basic day to day cleansing products for aging skin, such as: Milk cleanser and Skin toner. This series also contains cleansers for young skin like: Gel cleanser and Deep exfoliating cleanser.
Premier Anti Wrinkles
Premier - Anti Wrinkles:
The wrinkles treatment series presents a solution for various kinds of wrinkle, such as:
Facial expression, aging and stress wrinkles.
A treatment series formed from liposome complexes, which have natural substances and natural minerals.
Prmier Moisturize
Premier - Moisturize:
A moisturizing series that is divided into 4 divisions according to age:
Young skin- moisture series PC 1-2-3
Maturing skin- day cream complex
Aging skin- moisture complex series
Sensitive skin- emulsion
There are 3 different kinds of skin: oily, dry and sensitive.
Premier Body Care
Premier - Body Care:
These products give the body a sensational feeling of natural moisture and freshness on an every day basis.
Premier Treatment

Premier - Treatment:
A treatment-medical series that focuses on common problem of cellulite, stretch marks, pregnancy stretch marks, pigments, acne, blackheads and problematic skin problems like psoriasis and rheumatism.

Premier hair Care
Premier - Hair:
A combination of shampoos and serums uniquely made for hair providing a natural moisturizer, softener, cleansing, stronger roots and shininess.
Premier Masks
Premier - Masks:
A unique series based on formulas of natural mud and minerals from the Dead Sea, that offer various different treatment masks: for cleaning, refreshment, soothing and for stretch marks, while also giving your skin a more healthy glowing look.
Premier Men Care
Premier - Men:
This combination of lab technology, nature and health provides moisturizers, clean, smooth shaving and treatment for wrinkles, making the skin shiny and smooth.

Premier - Eye and Neck care:
This combination of aromatic oils and natural minerals from the Dead Sea, specializes in caring for various eye and neck sensitivities while also erasing wrinkles, moisturizing and giving you a glowing appearence.

Premier Biox
Premier - Biox:
A combination of Thermal active substances and Dead Sea minerals that come together to build this Biox series that has amazing results with the anti-aging components that penetrate to the deepest levels of liposomes, and operate inside to bring out a healthier and more natural look to the skin.