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Intensive Spa Perfection (New Line)
Intensive Spa Perfection (NEW):
Intensive Spa Perfection is a unique Blend of Dead Sea Mud, Salt and 21 Minerals. Some found only in the Dead Sea Area.Therapeutic properties help rejuvenation and hydration of the skin. Also used are Natural Plant Extracts that are full of Essential Oils and vital Vitamins and Collagen,regenerating and healing, leaving the skin smoother richer and radiant.
Intensive Spa Face care
Intensive Spa Face care:
A line of face care products that are guaranteed to pamper and moisturize your facial skin, while also making sure to remove any signs of aging. This facial line also carries products that help re-balance the skinís natural moisture levels while also helping protect the face from any damaging environmental influences.
Intensive Spa Cleansing
Intensive Spa Cleansing:
A line that is based on natural elements, this cleansing line contains product that will clean and freshen your skin while also removing any dead skin cells, extra unwanted oils and residue, making sure to leave your skin cleaner, fresher and glowing.
Intensive Spa Body Scrub
Intensive Spa Body Scrub:
This line of body scrubs is a combination of Dead Sea salts and various essential and aromatic oils that will pamper and massage your skin, leaving it moisturized and smoother then ever before.
Intensive Spa Body Care
Intensive Spa Body Care:
This line of body care products is guaranteed to pamper, moisturize and nourish your skin, while smoothing and softening your entire body. This line also carries products that make sure that your skinís natural Moisture balance is kept stable and fresh.
Intensive Spa Luxury Care
Intensive Spa Luxury Care:
This new Luxury line will provide you with a one of a kind pampered fresh feeling that will leave your skin tingling with excitement.
Intensive Spa Hair Care
Intensive Spa Hair Care:
This line of hair care products is gentle enough so that it can be used every day yet it nourishes and refreshes every single hair shaft, leaving your hair and scalp healthy, clean and protected from any damaging environmental influences.
Intensive Spa Men
Intensive Spa Men:
A line of shaving, skin care and hair care products that is based on natural elements, which is formulated specifically to treat various men conditions such as: shave rash, brittle and thinning hair that usually comes with an itchy and flaky scalp.
Intensive Spa Soap Bars
Intensive Spa Soap Bars:
This line of soaps are based on all natural elements that are combined with unique mud, salt and minerals from the Dead Sea, essential oils and plant extracts which all work together to clean refresh the skin while restoring the skinís natural pH balance.