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Dead Sea Treatment for Acne, Psorasis, Cellulite and Blackheads

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Ahava Cleansing

Ahava Cleansing:
Ahava’s cleansing series contains products that are focused on the cleanliness and nourishment of the entire body on a daily basis, such as: Ahava Mineral Toning Water & Facial Cleansing Milk.
Ahava Men:
A line that contains various moisturizers & creams that are all enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea and various plant extracts. These moisturizers & cream will nourish and detoxify your skin, while also making sure your skin is left calm, clean and smooth.
Ahava Facial
Ahava Facial care:
Ahava’s unique facial line is made up of various pampering creams & moisturizers that are based on Dead Sea minerals, botanical essences & Mineral Skin Osmoter. This line will moisturize and nourish your skin, leaving you glowing and healthy.
Ahava Time Line
Ahava Time Line:
Years of scientific research have resulted in these 5 amazing anti-aging treatments. These treatments not only carry counteracts for various signs of aging, but also protect the skin from damaging environmental influences and moisturize the skin.
Ahava Body
Ahava Body care:
A series of products that are made up of Aloe Vera, valuable minerals and Vitamin E. These products will moisturize & give your body a silky soft feeling and appearance.
Ahava Pure Spa
Pure Spa:
A series that was specifically formed to treat and pamper stressed skin. This line of products is based on anti-oxidants from the Dead Sea, that work towards relieving and smoothing your skin.
Ahava Dermud
Ahava Dermud:
These Dermud products are enriched with Dead Sea mud extracts and moisturizing mineral, and are guaranteed to relieve any kind of dryness or irritations, while making sure to leave your complexion clearer and more radiant then ever before.
Ahava Hair Care

Ahava Hair care:

These mineral hair products are guaranteed to make your hair softer, smoother, healthier and more manageable then ever before.