September 2012

The I.P.T.C. Dead Sea Clinic will re-open in the Hod Hotel in the center of Ein Bokek

ebruary 2012

Allthough it is still winter, the new "Dead Sea" season is allready at our doorsteps...
A lot has changed on one hand, a lot remains the same on the other.
More updates soon.

December 2011

The new owners of Hod Hamidbar Resort & Spa Hotel are presently busy upgrading and improving the hotels' services and facilities, including the addition of fabulous garden suites, rooms with private balconies, etc. The beautiful breakfast pool deck is already completed and operational.
Some of the services already available include FREE international phone calls for hotel guests,
FREE internet stations in the lobby, FREE bicycle rental for touring the Ein Bokek region.
Within a few weeks the hotel will also be offering FREE INTERNET SURFING from both public areas and guests rooms.

October 2011 The Hod Hamidbar Resort & Spa Hotel has recently be sold to Arkia Airlines.

February 2011 Now there is an other good place in the center of Ein Bokek Dead Sea to have Lunch or just a coffee break and be connected to Internet for Free!
At CafeCafe at the new North wing of Sky Blue Shopping Center.
January 2011 A new branch of the known Israeli cafe/Restaurant CafeCafe is open at the new Shopping center in Ein Bokek.
More information ..
January 2011 At this time the official opening date of the renewed "Central Solarium -400 building" is not yet known.
November 2010 The former Einbokek Shopping center, on the north side of the "Sky Blue Shopping" Center in Einbokek is reopened, more news will follow ...
June 2010 The Central Solarium -400 building is undergoing renovating and will be closed during July and August 2010.
May 2010 The First Dead Sea Float took place in May 20th in the Public beach of Ein Bokek, as a symbolic Protest.
Many people from Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Israel and other countries who care about the Dead Sea join the Dead Sea Float.
Organized by Ayelet Aflalo, John Sekulow and Graham Lubin and many more volunteers.
March 2010 Following Hotel name changes in Ein Bokek Dead Sea 2010:
Ein Bokek Hotel -> Tulip Inn Dead Sea -> Leonardo Inn Dead Sea
Sheraton Moriah -> Moriah Dead Sea -> Leonardo Plaza Dead Sea
Novotel Dead Sea -> Moriah Classic Dead Sea
-> Leonardo Dead Sea
Nirvana Club -> Golden Tulip Club
-> Leonardo Club Dead Sea
September 2009 The main street of Ein Bokek looks better then ever before with new desert plants and palm trees along the boulevard.
September 2009

The open air theater seems almost ready and we look forward to some exciting entertainment soon.
The water filtering installation system near the Shopping Center will take a while..

May 2009 In Ein Bokek between the Petra shopping center and the Hod Hotel, constructions are underway for an Open Air theater and not far from there - on the road side, a water filtering installation system.
April 2009 You can find Samy from Samy's Bar these days at the Desperado Bar in Hotel lot.
April 2008 is happy to announce the opening of our new up and coming Dead Sea products online shop!!
This online shop carries Dead Sea products that are amazingly priced and are brought straight from the source!
We carry cosmetic products from leading brands in the world such as: Dead Sea Premier, Intensive spa, AHAVA and Mineral Care.
March 2008 "Nirka – Bar" – new pub at Yam Hamelach (Dead Sea), located at Ein Bokek shopping mall, on the second floor looking to the sea from the veranda.
Opening hours: every day from 21.00 – the last guest.
From April it will be open from 13.00.
We serve: Cold Draught Beers, Rich Bar Drinks, Finger Food, Salads, Toasts …. and much more surprises.
We will be happy to see you.
Tel: 052 3094848
December 2007 Following hotelname changes in Ein Bokek Dead Sea
Grand Nirvana -> Golden Tulip Club

Sheraton Moriah -> Moriah Dead Sea
Novotel Dead Sea -> Moriah Classic Dead Sea
Caesar Premier -> Isrotel Dead Sea Resort
Golden Tulip -> Daniel Dead Sea
Carlton, split in two hotels -> Oasis & Spa Club
Ein Bokek Hotel -> Tulip Inn Dead Sea
November 2006

All Rooms of Samy's Guest Rooms have WireLess Lan Internet Access, free of charge for Long Stay guests.

October 2006

New travel agent at the Dead Sea, "Ein Bokek Tours".Hotel reservation in hotels across Israel, specilazes in Hotels in Ein Bokek and the Dead Sea Region.
Please visit for more information

September 2006

Samy's Bar is no longer a part of Ein Bokek's night life!
Unfortunately Samy's bar is closed and maybe will stay closed forever.
Samy would like to thank all his visitors who came over the last 12 years to his pub.

April 2006

Hotel Oasis (former Carlton) has re-opened after a very long constuction period.
The hotel looks as new in the middle of the two wings is a very impressive reception hall and connects the two wings together. This hotel offers a luxurious, yet at the same time friendly and familiar atmospher. The hotel has a new phone numer 08 6688000

March 2006

The Mc-Donalds in Shopping Centre petra offers for laptop owners with wireless LAN, free internet access. This is yet to be confirmed, Contact us for feedback.

September 2005

Amit, the Owner and fouder of (the of the Dead Sea), is now back in Ein Bokek on an almost daily basis, as a new GesundheitsReisen Wessel Representative.
Located in Hotel Hod room 311.
You are welcome to visit during opening hours:
Sun - Mon - Tue - Wed - Fri from 9.00 to 12:00
Tel/Fax: 08 6584 261

July 2005

Do you have Dead Sea pictures or Video and you want to place in our Photo Gallery ?
We would be happy to put them online for every one to see. Contact us

June 2005

Internet Access at the dead Sea Hotels is now in allmost in all hotels available at different rates.
The 3 Fattal hotel have also a Wireless Wi-Fi coverage in most rooms through provider 2plus or Boingo.
You may Contact us for more information.

March 2005 The wellknown Fattal Hotel chain now owns 3 hotels at the Ein Bokek and Dead Sea region; Magic Nirvana Club, Golden Tulip Dead Sea and Le Merdien Dead Sea (previously Dead Sea Hyatt Regency).
October 2004 New on Drori's Appartment for rent in Neve Zohar Dead Sea.
April 2004 The Dead Dea Hyatt Regency is now owned by the Hilton hotel chain, and is the first Hilton at the Dead Sea.
March 2004 Finally the construction of the bridge between Hyatt and Hod Hotel, has finished. The Ein Bokek road is open again from all directions !
December 2003

The Dead Sea Hertz Rent a Car Office has moved from the Ein Bokek shopping mall to the Central Solarium -400 building, which is located at the Heart of Ein Bokek opposite the Golden Tulip and Carlton.
Tel: 08 6584530.

December 2003

There is a new Police and First Aid - Ambulance station, located at the Central solarium building.

December 2003

On 5 dec 2003 after some hours of rain the road was flooded between Ein Bokek and Ein Gedi. To watch a beautiful presentation in English and Hebrew made by Guy Shachar (Click here). Recommended to watch it in full screen.

December 2003 Opening of in Hebrew. (click here)
April 2003 To all you potential visitors to Ein Bokek, take note: many patients the world over are currently enjoying treatment at the sun-soaked Central Solarium building at Ein Bokek.
Ein Bokek is still the best solution for psoriasis; nowhere else in the world can compare with the results it produces.
It is safe to come to the Dead Sea, don't hesitate, just come.
For more information on the Solarium, please visit
April 2003 The new Tourist Information Office, is now located in the Sky Blue Shopping Center, open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00, Tel: 08-9975010.
In addition to all the information you may need, such as hiking and travel routes, Dead Sea attractions, jeep tours, etc. The Tourist Information Office also has an exhibition of fine art, pottery and jewelry by Dead Sea artists, well worth a visit. You can also purchase items there.
For a taste of what you will find, visit Estee's web page displaying examples of her ceramic art works crafted at nearby Neot Hakikar
April 2003 The Dead Sea Mor Clinic has moved! The main clinic is situated in the Sheraton Moriah Spa Hotel, the second Clinic is situated in the Tsell Harim Hotel in the center of Ein Bokek.
March 2003 Manuel's Lottery, Magazines and NewsLetter stand has a new location in the Sky Blue Shopping Center.
March 2003 New in the Petra Shopping Center, Many new shops and restaurants such as Mc. Donalds
May 2002 New!!! have at look at Dalia's Luxury Guest Room in Newe Zohar.
April 2002 Samy's Bar has moved to a better position, and is now on the beach at Ein Bokek.
Drop in for a beer in the evening .
March 2002 The Central Solarium Building - 400 in Ein Bokek has reopened under new management. After hearing highly favorable reports, I had to look for myself and was indeed surprised by the politeness and caring attitude of the new staff; the atmosphere is great and the place is cleaner then ever. While there are not as many guests as in previous years , guests are very satisfied!
February 2002 The newspaper and lottery stand is moved from "Petra Shopping Centre" to "Sky Blue Shopping Centre".
November 2001 Ein Bokek Hotel, offering a quiet atmosphere with a personal touch, has redone its website with lot's of info, attractive rates and beautiful pictures. (
September 2001

Good "Dead Sea" weather is awaiting you ...
Don't hesitate. Come and visit the lowest place on Earth ...

April 2001

The DOT.COM of the Dead Sea has a new look, new pictures and videos at the Photo Gallery, and can be found at

April 2001

The Royal Hotel in Ein Bokek and Novotel 5 Km South of Ein Bokek have finally opened.

February 2001

As you probably well know, the past few months has witnessed a decline in tourism to Israel .
We see no reason why travelers should not come to the Dead Sea.

December 2000 From December 2000 the prefix of the complete southern part of Israel will be 08 instead of 07. From Ein Gedi to Eilat. More details will follow.
October 2000 Finally you can see a few shops and restaurants of the new Shopping Center Ein Hatchelet (Blue Sky) in Ein Bokek, opposite Dead Sea Gardens Hotel.
You will find a few shops that offer you 10% discount. There are still a few shops not open, so come back later.
October 2000

The reopening of the Hod Hotel will be in November.
Final date is unknown yet, when it will be known, you will be able to read it here.

September 2000 The date of the opening of the New Novotel between Sheraton Moriah and Grand Nirvana is unknown yet, when it will be known, you will be able to read it here.
September 2000 The date of the opening of the New Royal Hotel between Dead Sea Gardens and Carlton is unknown yet, when it will be known, you will be able to read it here.
August 2000

There was a fire in the Sheraton Moriah Hotel last month.
Fortunately nobody was injured, all guest at where accommodated at the Hyatt.
The Sheraton Moriah Hotel is being renovated until October this year.

July 2000 @mit's Internet Station was operational only from March to July 2000.
At the moment the Hyatt, Crowne Plaza, Carlton and Lot Hotel have a Internet unit which can be used with a Credit Card in the lobby.
May 2000 Reopening of the fully renovated, the Dead Sea Gardens Hotel.
April 2000 Hotel Royal (between Dead Sea Gardens and Carlton) and Novotel (between Nirvana and Sheraton) the opening of both will be later this year. Dates will follow.
April 2000 This first shop and restaurant at the new shopping center (opposite the Dead Sea Gardens) are open. Later this year you will find here a list and photos of all the shops/restaurants/clinics at the new shopping center at the heart of Ein Bokek.
March 2000 Opening of @mit's Internet Station in shopping center Petra.
February 2000 Hotel Hod will be closed for renovation, from July 2nd to October 3rd, 2000. When new dates will change, you can read it here.
February 2000 Samy has added 4 new rooms in Guest-rooms - Neve Zohar.
January 2000 As from January 1st 2000 the Tours Agency of Amos and Christine Lahav located in Shopping Center Petra, changed name from TRAVELIS to Y.L JOHNNY VIP TRAVEL.
January 2000 Samy's Bar in Hotel Ein Bokek will reopen on February 1st 2000
December 1999 Hotel Park (Inn) will reopen under the old name Ein Bokek on January 14th 2000.
December 1999 Official opening of the Police quarters located in Petra Shopping on December 14th 1999.
November 1999 Hotel Lot will be closed for renovation from January 9th 2000 until February 8th 2000.
October 1999 Hotel Dead Sea Gardens will be closed for construction from November 1st 1999 until April 2000.
October 1999 Hotel Dead Sea Gardens will be closed for construction from November 1st 1999 until April 2000.
October 1999 Hotel “Park" (Park Inn) undergoes severe problems, therefor the hotel is closed until further notice.
September 1999

Hotel “Park Inn” lost the “Inn”, from now the name is "Park".

September 1999 On 17/09/99 Amit, creator of this website made a new Video recording of Ein Bokek. Please have a look at the first Ein Bokek Video
September 1999 On 10/09/99 Amit, creator of this website made some new pictures with a digital camera. Please have a look at the renewed Photo Gallery
September 1999 Opening, new Fitness room at the entrance-hall of the central solarium building "Solarium - 400".
September 1999 Opening, Mini Market and Cash Redraw Machine (ATM) (for Israeli Credit cards only) in the central solarium building "Solarium - 400".
August 1999 Radisson Moriah Plaza changed name to Sheraton Moriah.
July 1999 "Photo Gallery" 30 minutes film develop-service located in Petra Shopping stopped working.
July 1999 Mor Clinic, moved from "Solarium - 400" to Hotel Grand Nirvana. Now, Mor Clinic operates from Lot Hotel and Hotel Grand Nirvana.
June 1999 Radisson Moriah Gardens changed name to Dead Sea Gardens.
June 1999 Police quarters located in Petra Shopping Center.
April 1999 Opening, Hotel Privilege Golden Tulip.
March 1999 Opening, Dead Sea Clinic, Located in the central solarium building "Solarium - 400".
February 1999 Holyland Medical Center stopped working from Petra shopping Center.

Comments, contact "Amit"